The Biggest Mistake You'll Make at Open Enrollment (& How to Avoid It)!

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At the end of the year or when starting a new job, it’s usually Open Enrollment time for choosing next year’s insurance & benefits.  It’s difficult because most people don’t know the ins & outs of these programs, yet they have to make choices that can hugely impact themselves and their family’s lives.  As an HR executive, I saw 1 common mistake, repeatedly, potentially the biggest mistake you’ll make at Open Enrollment, that can be absolutely catastrophic for families and, sadly, will be for many.  Here is what you need to know to make informed, smart choices to protect yourself & your family, & how to avoid this little known blunder, and what you need to do to prevent it. Regardless of age or health, do not cancel or opt out of your benefit until you have fully secured a solid option, though. This is an important starting piece, but continue to educate yourself on all of your insurance options, ask questions, & find answers to understand & choose your best route.  Don’t make major life choices without being informed so you can give yourself the best protection possible, when you need it the most!  


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Biggest Mistake You\'ll Make at Open Enrollment & How to Avoid!