Terri Wheat Don't Fear Salem Video

Don’t Fear Salem: Visiting Salem with kids

Parents can be hesitant to visit Salem, unsure of what they’ll see, if it’s scary, or appropriate. My perspective on visiting, addressing your concerns & things to consider.

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

A beautiful, somber tribute, the largest of the Memorials, the Salem Witch Trials Memorial honors the 20 innocents executed during the 1692 Witch Trials terror.

(Salem Village) Danvers Witch Trial Memorial

Visit Salem Witch Trials Sites- Part A

Start in Salem village (Danvers), where the Hysteria started. Visit the only public home of an accused & only known graves of Witch Trial victims.

Rebecca Nurse Homestead window

Salem Witch Trial Victims

All paid a high price, 25 with their life. A short bio on each, 25 long, such is the body count of the Salem executions.