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Thank you for visiting our site, we are glad to have you!  Our family travels have included much of the US, soon to branch out across the world.  We truly delve into the places we visit, whether purely fun & recreation or a historic site, whatever it is, so that we and our readers can absorb as much from the experience as possible.  Our Mission at OUAW is to inspire & encourage families & individuals to grow, learn, and bond, living their best life with passion, through visiting the treasures & amazing experiences of our country & our world. 



We are available to discuss opportunities, such as Sponsored Destination & Resort Visits, Brand Ambassadorships, Freelance writing, Sponsored Posts for companies/ places we love & believe in, Event Appearance and Live Sharing, Speaking Engagements, Honest Reviews, Giveaways & Contests, and other interesting collaborations.  We’d love to hear from you and enjoy a rewarding experience & partnership that could support our mission, and your own.  Thank you for your interest & we look forward to hearing from & working with you!       

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Once Upon a Wheat

Terri & Bill Wheat

Hey, there! I’m Terri & my husband Bill and I have 4 kids (2 boys & twin girls + a pup!) and we’ve been traveling since our kids were little. At this mid point in my journey, I’m trying to shove as much as I can into this precious gift of life and squeeze all the joy and growth and learning I can out of it. Making memories that matter, building a life of joy & meaning, actively pursuing my greatest potential. I have a zest for life, for learning, for growth & I want to give you the resources & inspiration to have better vacations and get more from your life!

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