Don't Fear Salem: Christians Visiting Salem

Christians visiting Salem or choosing to avoid it entirely can sometimes be a dilemma.  Salem, Massachusetts is known & marketed widely as the Witch City.  There is an active community & events centered around modern occult practices.  You may be unsure of what you’ll see or encounter, if it’s oppressive, comfortable, or appropriate for your family.  Our family of 6 spent the day exploring the history of the Salem Witch Trials & Executions of 1692. As a Christian, myself, I wondered what the atmosphere was like there.  I had only seen footage of their Halloween celebration month.  There is definitely a presence of things that can make many Christians uncomfortable.  But, I couldn’t find anything that told me what the environment was like on a day to day basis. 
Many Christians wonder if they should just completely avoid Salem, altogether.  I’m a history lover and someone who felt I needed to honor those innocents who lost their lives and explore the history.  So, I took a leap of faith.  We visited Salem for a day and set out to explore the historical sites that we were interested in.    
I’ll address your concerns & give you our family’s experience and perspective on visiting Salem as a Christian. I’ll tell you what you can expect to see, if it can be family friendly, & offer things to consider in visiting Salem with your family.  For more of my thoughts for specifically parents wondering if Salem would be family friendly, see my ‘Visiting Salem with Kids’ video (linked below).  If you are a history lover like our family is, check out my video on “Salem for History Lovers”.
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  1. thanks for this video! my friend and i (both christians) are planning on going in october and was curious on what to expect…this video helped ease some of our concerns! we love history and travel and the fall and are excited for our fall trip now after seeing your video!

    1. Hello and thanks so much for watching! I’m so glad that you found my video helpful and that it put you and your friend at ease. For history lovers, Salem is a can’t miss. I will say that going in October, the ‘witch’ and Halloween themes will, I’m sure, be much more prominent. We went in Summer, so that’s a different environment. We had a lovely time, though, and it was deeply moving. I know you and your friend will have a great visit. You’ll have to let me know what you think after you go! 🙂

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Don\'t Fear Salem: Christians Visiting Salem