Don't Fear Salem: Salem for History Lovers

Salem for history lovers is an ideal match.  It’s rich in history, has a dark, intriguing past, and is a rare and unique destination in the US.  Salem, Massachusetts has colonial, maritime & Revolutionary War history, too.  Though, it’s world-wide notoriety is due to the Salem Witch Trials & executions in 1692.  It’s the reason many tourists & history lovers still visit today.  The witch trials claimed the lives of 25 innocents.  Hundreds were falsely accused as witches.  The infamous witchcraft hysteria swept through, not only Salem, but nearby colonial villages.  They were hanged or crushed, often in mass executions. 
Surprisingly, many Salem history lovers don’t include it on their travel bucket list.  They believe there’s nothing left to see of the witchcraft trials from centuries ago.  People are also hesitant to visit, thinking it’s too touristy or corny.  They’re unsure if it’s worth the trip, over 300 years later. Our entire family are history lovers & spent the day exploring the Salem Witch Trials & Execution Sites, and its victims.  We weren’t disappointed!  I’ll address your concerns & tell you exactly why Salem should be on your bucket list, what there is left to see, and what you don’t want to miss!
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Don\'t Fear Salem: Salem for History Lovers