Don't Fear Salem- Visiting Salem with Kids:

Visiting Salem- A Parent's View:

Parents with young children can be hesitant about visiting Salem with kids.  You wonder if it’s family friendly.  If you’ve never been, you may be unsure of what you’ll see, if it will be scary, or inappropriate.  After all, Salem has a dark history.  The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 left 25 innocent people dead.  Today, Salem is known as ‘The Witch City’ and have commercialized their dark past.  Salem also has an active, modern occult community.  They have avid Halloween celebrations and other events.  Stores, businesses & groups can have some imagery, themes, costumes, etc… that can be scary for small children and some lean toward darker themes. 


As a mother of 4, it was something I was very concerned about before we visited.  My kids ranged from kindergarten up to the teens.  We had to consider what they might see around town, but also how to handle the content & delivery of the witch trials sites we visited for what was appropriate for their ages. 


I’ll give you our family’s experience and my perspective as a cautious mother on visiting Salem with kids.  I’ll address your concerns, what you may see, the best time to go, & things to consider in visiting Salem with kids.  I’ll give you an honest perspective of the atmosphere so you can make the best choice for your family.   


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Don\'t Fear Salem: Visiting Salem with kids

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Don\'t Fear Salem: Visiting Salem with kids