DC Monuments at Night or Day: Which is Best?

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There is much to see in Washington DC, but the DC monuments & memorials are at the top of the list!  See the photos of them day and night.  Hear the pros & cons on the best, most beautiful time to visit each one.  We include the National Mall, the White House, the US Capitol, and the Arlington memorials- US Marine Corps War memorial & the US Air Force memorial.  The monuments at the National Mall include the Washington Monument, WWI & WWII memorials, Vietnam Wall + Women’s Vietnam War memorial & 3 soldiers Vietnam War memorial, Korean War memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, FDR Memorial.  Travel smart, visit DC better, plan well.  Visiting the DC monuments at night or day- whichever you pick, go in with the knowledge and all the info you need, before you go! 


Bonus Tips:  We didn’t have room to include the Einstein Memorial here, but day is best to see it!  The only lighting is a nearby street lamp and just too dark to photograph well.  


  • We also have not included the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial.  Minutes away on Teddy Roosevelt Island, in the Potomac River between Washington DC and Arlington, Virginia, lies the secluded, but beautiful memorial.  The gates to the island close at 10p and there is no lighting, so day time is best for this memorial. 


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DC Monuments at Night or Day: Which is best for each?