Best Ways to See National Mall in Washington DC

The National Mall in Washington DC is way larger than you think.  If you’ve not been to DC before, it will surprise you how spread out the monuments and memorials are.  Walking between just two monuments will be a bit of a hike for some people.  Taking in all of the major ones will take several hours, a lot of distance, and a plan to avoid back-tracking.  People tackle the Mall in many ways dealing with kids, strollers, wheelchairs, elderly, physical limitations.  Should you walk, ride, take a tour?  What’s free, what costs, what’s safe, how does it work, what hours is it available? 


There is a lot to think about and you’re already planning everything else about your Washington DC trip.  Make this part easy.  Know your full options before you go.  Find out the pros & cons, so you know what works for your family and don’t have to muddle through bad experiences and a poor fit for your needs.  I’ll tell you all of the options for visiting and getting around the National Mall & give you what I think are the best ways to go!  I’ll also address what may work better for one type of family circumstances vs another, such as a family with toddlers will have different needs than a young couple.  A family with major health challenges may need to travel it differently and more thoughtfully than parents with active teens.  I’ll give you each of the options, the pros & cons, the best fit for family type, and what I think are the very best ways to see the National Mall in Washington DC.  Plus, wait till the end for 1 more great option!


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Best Ways to See National Mall in Washington DC