Learn to Luge in Michigan! The Only Public, Man-made Luge in the US

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A rare opportunity to get a taste of an exclusive Olympic sport.  The tracks are usually only open to Olympians.  Ride the only public, man-made luge track in the US and 1 of only a few in the entire world.  Go luge in Michigan and be one of the few to ever get to try the sport!  It was designed for the public by a multiple Olympian and has been used to train by another Olympian.  It’s the real deal, but in a safer design. 

You can learn to luge in Michigan, year-round.  An intense sport, you can experience the Winter Olympics in a safer, but super fun way!  Beginners & kids are welcome to luge, too, no experience is necessary.  They’ll give you the training you need.  Watch my video and I will tell you everything you all of the specifics, all you need to know for your family to go luge!  I’ll tell you how to go, what to wear, what to expect, safety info, how fast, how safe, everything you want to know and I’ll give you our best tips for a great family visit!  There’s an iced winter version more similar to the Olympics.  Also a dry summer track.  I know you’ve got lots of questions and I’ll give you the answers.    

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Learn to Luge in Michigan- Video!

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