Tour the CDC Museum in Atlanta, Georgia!

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Go behind the scenes and tour the CDC museum for a once in a lifetime opportunity! This is where they study the world’s most dangerous pathogens and disease.  Dare to visit!  You’ve seen the CDC in The Walking Dead. Heard about the CDC and saw disease detectives in movies like Outbreak & Contagion. Seen it all over the virus news in 2020. Find out how to tour the David J Sencer CDC Museum, what you’ll see there & the highlights you don’t want to miss!  Don’t forget to Like & Subscribe to our Youtube channel, below, so you don’t miss any of our videos!  Check out our full Guide to Visit the CDC Museum article & pix here. 

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Links to the CDC in Movies, TV, and Games:

Some movies & shows that feature the CDC (not family-friendly due to language & graphic content):





  • Contagion– This was ok.  Some scenes very rough.  I think Outbreak is much better.

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Tour the CDC Museum in Atlanta!