Best Ways for Getting Around DC

Getting around DC isn’t as easy as it is in many cities.  If you’ve ever been to Washington DC, you know that there is a ton of walking involved.  The city blocks are large, things are very spread out, and there is a lot to see.  Driving to each place you want to go isn’t really a viable option like it is in some cities.  Alternative ways of getting around are essential, but also plentiful.  We’ve tried most of them and have great advice and tips for getting around DC for and choosing which options work best for your own family.  Different families sometimes have different needs, so we give you options for the best type for different groups.  Getting around with small kids or toddlers is different than with older kids or teens.  Visitors with disabilities or seniors who may have limited mobility need special consideration, too.  Sometimes cost is more a factor, sometimes comfort or convenience.  There is a lot to think about.  Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered! 


The best ways for getting around DC aren’t necessarily the most common.  In fact, the answers we recommend may surprise you!  Our favorites were not the ones we were frequently recommended from other DC travelers.  We didn’t just try one and stick with it.  We wanted to find the best!  I’ll give you the pros & cons, costs & other things to consider, and what I think is the best way to go for a variety of situations so that you can determine what’s best for your own family needs!  The transportation shouldn’t be the worst part of your trip.  Let’s travel smart!


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Best Ways for Getting Around DC

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Best Ways for Getting Around DC