Hello, gorgeous!

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Let me introduce you to a revolution in makeup!

I’m Terri, a mom of 4, travel blogger, and Seint Makeup Artist!  I’m a longtime makeup lover, but had no interest in adding something else to my plate.  Then, Seint (former Maskcara Beauty) blew my socks off!  I truly believe that it’s a revolution that is absolutely going to change the way women ‘do makeup’.   💋  

Let’s get started!

1. Get Your Custom Color Match

Let’s find your custom colors for a gorgeous you!  Message me on my Facebook or Instagram, or email at terriwheatmakeuptribe@gmail.com and send photos to get the best, most accurate color match for your skin:

  • 1st–  stand about 3 feet from indirect sunlight, facing a window.  Try to avoid pictures that are washed out, or too dark or shadow your face. 
  • Take a completely makeup-free photo of your face and neck area.  No filters, no cover up.  I need to see your skin as it truly is, tones, blemishes, challenges, and all, so I can help prescribe the right products and colors to work for you.    
  • 2nd I also would like to see selfie(s) of you in your current makeup (if you wear it).

The majority of colors, tools & products I use will be Seint.  I can also help you with choices after we get your custom color match.  We can discuss the look you want and colors and options for an even more beautiful you! 

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4. Check out these videos to get you started: