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Let me introduce you to a revolution in makeup!

Terri Wheat of Terri Wheat Makeup Tribe

I’m Terri, a mom of 4, travel blogger, and Seint Makeup Artist!  I’m a longtime makeup lover, but had no interest in adding something else to my plate.  Then, Seint (former Maskcara Beauty) blew my socks off!  I truly believe that it’s a revolution that is absolutely going to change the way women ‘do makeup’.   💋  

Let’s get started!

1. Get Your Custom Color Match

Let’s find your perfect colors for a gorgeous you!  Message me or email to terriwheatmakeuptribe@gmail.com:


  • 1st–  Stand arm’s length in front of natural light window.  Avoid direct light and washed out pics, or too far back, dark or shadows on your face. 
  • 2nd– Take a makeup-free selfie of your face, neck & chest so I can see your skin tones, issues & undertones.      
  • 3rd Also some selfie(s) of you in your daily makeup (if you wear it).

All the yummy colors, products, and tools in my makeup videos and photos live here at  https://bit.ly/TWMTshopseint21

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4. Check out these videos to get you started: